HBO Luck Trailer

We all got a glimpse of what the newest horse racing TV drama is about and the one thing that is guaranteed, HBO Luck director Michael Mann has no intentions of holding back. This show is going to tell the stories of the racetrack with a creatively hard, somewhat honest and stern perspective that will probably be directed towards the 25-60 male crowd and leave us begging for more.

Perhaps it is fitting that Kentucky Derby will be exactly 100 days away when HBO is scheduled to debut the first episode of it’s horse racing drama directed starring Dustin Hoffman. I personally can’t wait for this show to get going. Sunday’s just aren’t the same without late-night HBO.

I found a great trailer for the HBO TV series Luck by Michael Mann and boy do I like what I see. It looks like the story is going to be as intense as the last 50 yards of the Kentucky Derby.

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