HBO Luck Cast: Dennis Farina as Gus

HBO Luck Cast Member: Dennis Farina

Dennis Farina as "Wiseguy"

Dennis Farina as "Wiseguy" on HBO's Luck

– Who plays “Gus” in the HBO TV show Luck?
– Gus is played by a well known actor named Dennis Farina.

The horse racing drama series set to premiere December 11th, 2011 following the season 2 finale of Baordwalk Empire has announced it has cast Dennis Farina to play the role of “Wiseguy”.

Luck is a new HBO horse racing drama series directed by Michael Mann that is scheduled to premiere December 11th following the season 2 finale of Boardwalk Empire.

Here is a great character profile of “Gus” played by Dennis Farina.

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