Luck is Cancelled as Third Horse Dies

HBO recently announced it will no longer be filming it’s newest high profile horse racing television series about betting horses, training, riding and life at the track in general. A third horse was euthenized after having head injuries. HBO has often been criticized for using unfit and unhealthy horses at the end their racing lives. It isnt mentioned whether or not they will resume filming in the future but PETA and the California Animal Health people are investigating. I don’t imagine this starting again.
HBO Luck was a pretty cool show. It really stinks that they cancelled the show now as fans have been waiting for the story to develop and it felt like episode 7 was exactly this.

HBO Luck Cancelled – read more

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8 Responses to “Luck is Cancelled as Third Horse Dies”

  1. donna says:


  2. Kathy hazlewood says:

    I love the Luck series and am so dissappointed to know it is being canceled. Is it available in book form?

  3. TONYA says:

    SERIOUSLY!!! i LOVED THE SHOW,,,Due to the pathetic,uncaring minds in the mistreatment of the horses,,the show gets cancelled and with all that money & brains,,,what dumbasses,,,,another example of karma,,You big men need to fix this the show was truly badass!

  4. Barbara says:

    Sad to hear show is cancelled.although Iunderstand the reasons Iloved the show. Pleased envelope another series with this excellent cast. Perhaps a casino?

  5. Joan says:

    Just watched the final episode of Luck. Great series. Love the character relationships. Started to care. Hadn’t heard that this was the last episode until I got online to find out how or if Jake Hoffman was related to Dustin Hoffman. Duh!

    Man . . . what a surprise! Canceled! What a disappointment. Sorry about the horses.

  6. Kathy Brattain says:

    This is terrible news to me! I have watched the entire season and just LOVE this show. So now, we’re left with open storylines and the promise of a 2nd season only to find out there won’t be one. HBO needs to do whatever it takes to fix this problem so the show can continue. I’m sure there are millions of fans out there who feel like I do. BRING LUCK BACK!!!

  7. john troglia says:

    The decision to cancel stinks. This was a good show. Get some guts and stand up to those that critized you. You can’t be blamed for any of these accidents. RECONSIDER

  8. Very sad to that HBO & the producers allowed the PETA folks to convince you to canx a great show. What’s next ??

    Horses do rear and sometimes die ……. horses die every day; at the track , the farm, foaling, etc..

    Crazy decision; for my part “I’m canx my HBO” don’t need it don’twant it! Let PETA run the business ….. no guts guys !!