HBO Luck Cancelled after third horse dies on set

HBO Luck Cancelled. Three Horses Dead

HBO officially announced it was cancelling it’s newest hit series television show called Luck which was filmed at Santa Anita Park after a third horse died on set. At first they stated that filming would resume without the use of horses and perhaps by using CGI graphics but later announced the full cancellation of the show immediately. HBO will resume airing the episodes that are already complete using episode 1 of season two as a season finale. PETA had been against the show Luck for a long time and finally got what they wanted. (if only people knew what we do to the animals we eat?…)

So now what the hell do I watch on Sunday nights? No NFL football, no Boardwalk Empire, no Entourage… crap.


Luck is Cancelled as Third Horse Dies

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Luck is Cancelled as Third Horse Dies

HBO recently announced it will no longer be filming it’s newest high profile horse racing television series about betting horses, training, riding and life at the track in general. A third horse was euthenized after having head injuries. HBO has often been criticized for using unfit and unhealthy horses at the end their racing lives. It isnt mentioned whether or not they will resume filming in the future but PETA and the California Animal Health people are investigating. I don’t imagine this starting again.
HBO Luck was a pretty cool show. It really stinks that they cancelled the show now as fans have been waiting for the story to develop and it felt like episode 7 was exactly this.

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