HBO Luck Cast: Nick Nolte

Nick Nolte on HBO Luck

Nick Nolte on HBO Luck

Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Nick Nolte started his career on stage at a playhouse in Pasadena. His first big break in show biz was in a hit mini-series called Rich Man, Poor Man in a role he endured weight fluctuations of over 20lbs acting as “Tommy Jordache”.

In HBO’s newest hit series “Luck”, Nick Nolte plays the role of an old horse trainer down on his luck. Luck is a horse racing based sports drama centered around people and characters within the horse racing industry. From degenerate gamblers to rich, greedy super powered horse owners, jockeys, trainers and Saudi Princes, Luck is sure to be packed full of action, drama and great intertwining story lines. Luck premieres December 11th on HBO following the season finale of Boardwalk Empire.

Here is a great character profile of “Walter” played by Nick Nolte.

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